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MOVING TIP #12 (of 14)

Move 'Em Out

Moving the boxes and furniture out to the truck is the most physical part of the move. This activity is notoriously strenuous and taxing. Take a tip from many professional movers and wear a back brace while moving. This will go a long way in protecting your back and give you stamina during the move. And here perhaps the most famous movers trick of all; and it will only cost you a quarter.

A big pain while moving your stuff can be having to grope for and struggle with the door every time youíre moving something out to the truck. If you open a door to its widest point, you can place a quarter between the open door and the door jamb to keep the door open. Itís hard to describe how well this works until you see it in action. The door is kept wide open to allow free and easy access in and out of the apartment - a great deal in a time of moving.

Often times the floor of your apartment will take a beating while youíre moving stuff out. Putting down a large tarp in heavy traffic areas can be helpful. A classic moving problem is how to get the couch through the door. Itís always a pain, and you canít help but wonder, how did it get in here in the first place? Donít get frustrated or in a hurry. (easy for me to say, I know) Just take it slow to find the best way to work the couch out the door. If a tight corner is involved, usually standing the couch up on its side and leaning it a 45 degree angle will do the trick with some wiggling involved.

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