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MOVING TIP #9 (of 14)

Go Over Your “Arrival” Strategy

Once you arrive at your new home. How are you going to get situated? Are you going to stay in a hotel until you find an apartment, or perhaps rent a house ? If you don’t have a house yet (as is often the case) it is often advisable to look for a storage facility to place your stuff for temporary storage until you can find a place to keep your stuff.

Moving to a new place involves a lot of homework. Use the internet and newspapers to find the best neighborhoods to live in. If you have children, research the best schools and the areas where there are abundant parks and safe roads and bike routes. Look for areas that are located most conveniently for your job where commuting times can be kept to a minimum and/or the use of rapid transit is available. It’s also a good idea to glean some local knowledge by asking around town. Find out where the best coffee shops are, the best movie theaters all of these things are helpful to take into account when deciding on where to live.

All of the above tips sound very straightforward, but of course the reality is not so simple. The best, most ideal neighborhoods are usually the most expensive. And of course, the opposite is true as well. The challenge before you is to map out basic zones in the city that comprise the “sweet spot” between a luxury neighborhood and a funky, half rundown area. The best buys are often found where the neighborhoods are still slightly dangerous at night, but are fast becoming gentrified. To put it simply, if there is a Starbucks on the corner of where you want to live, you may end up paying too much. But if you find an area where the nearest good restaurant is a half mile away and you can envision a Starbucks on your corner, then chances are you’ll find a great buying opportunity.

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