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MOVING TIP #4 (of 14)

Movers Brookline: Arranging Utility Cut Off Dates

Arranging utility cut off dates is an often overlooked aspect of moving. The last thing that you want to do is pay for someone elseís power. This can happen if you donít correctly terminate your electrical and or gas service . Usually, this can be accomplished with a simple call to a utility service. Cut off dates usually give you the leeway of 24 hours in case you fall behind schedule on the moving. Itís also helpful to schedule your transit time during a move, and use this time to determine appropriate time to turn on your power at your new residence .

Itís also helpful to let your landlord know about possible interrupted power and utility service. In some cases the landlord might want to leave the power on and reimburse you for the utility fees. Landlords will often want to show the apartment or house to other prospective tenants once your space has been vacated. Having the power remain on makes things easier for the landlord, as the space can then be lit and people can view the vacated space properly.

Oftentimes the same holds true for gas lines. During a move, gas service for the stove is often not cut off, but left on and transferred to the land lord. In fact, gas service is often included in the price of the rental completely and left on regardless of whether the space is occupied or not.

But again, if you own your own house then youíll be expected to take full responsibility on the cut-off of all utilities, including water, gas, electric, and cable /internet.

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